Areas to Travel in the Baltic


The entire region bordering the Baltic Sea is steeped in history and replete with historical landmarks that’ll surely leave you with a feeling of déjà vu if you crisscross through the places. Touring the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will let you cover a substantial hinterland of the sea. The availability of cheap food, drinks, and accommodation in these erstwhile Soviet states make them top notch tourist spots in the European travel circuit. What augments the attractiveness of these destinations as travelling hotspots is that these places are greatly safe for women tourists. Travelling from one city to another is also affordable if you hop on an ‘Ecolines’ or Simple Express bus.

You can start your tour with a stop at Vilnius, the scenic capital of Lithuania which also happens to be the most quaint and quietest amongst all the capital cities in the Baltic. You’ll simply love to lose yourself in the city’s cobbled streets and Baroque-styled edifices. The best way to see around the town is by taking a walking tour where you’ll come across the Republic of Artists, a statue of Jesus as a backpacker, and the Square of Genocide at a leisurely pace.

Your next stop could be Riga-the Latvian capital that takes about 4-5 hours to reach by bus. The sprawling indoor market is easily the prime attraction which once was the largest in the continent. Since the city is remarkably small, you can get to any place by foot. Visiting any area in Riga will take you back in time by several centuries.

You can wind up your Baltic tour with Tallinn-the capital of Estonia that takes roughly 4 and a half hour to get to by bus from Riga. The old town of Tallinn is larger than that of Riga and Vilnius. You’ll have the feeling that you’re living in the Middle Ages as you see locals attired in traditional garbs. Most of the ancient Baroque-patterned buildings have yellow and pastel pink facades. Don’t forget to take your woolens while you’re travelling to the Baltic as the region is definitely chiller throughout the year.




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